Privacy Policy

Cavgroup= Austy Pty Ltd prov= ides this Privacy Policy to explain how it collects, stores, and uses the information collected in connection with Cavgroup Austyís software applications, and websites (collecti= vely, ďservicesĒ). Cavgroup Aust= y respects the privacy of their users and is committed to protecting the user= ís information. You have a right to know our practices regarding the informati= on we may collect and use when you use our services.

The types of information we collect and how we collect it

Personal Information<= /o:p>

Non-personal Information

Service Specific Informati= on

What we do with the person= al information we collect

What we do with the non-personal information we collect

What we do with service specific information we collect

If Cavgroup Austy collects identifiers associated with a userís a= ccount on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or game services like Apple Ga= me Center, Google Play Game Services, or Amazon Game Cir= cle, then it is explicitly required for some feature in that service. For exampl= e, the identifier could be saved so that a userís connections on the social network can see their high score or progress in the game. As stated elsewhe= re in this policy, you can contact us to have this information deleted for you= rself or your child under the age of 13 at


We understand t= he importance of protecting the privacy and safety of children using our servi= ces, as outlined by the Childrenís Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). Accordingly, we do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose personal informa= tion from children under 13.

When we determi= ne that a service is directed and children under the age of 13, we will config= ure all of our internal systems such that no personal information will be collected, and configure all relevant third-party integrations appropriately such that no personal information will be collected for users of that servi= ce. For additional information, please refer to the privacy policies of our thi= rd party operators to understand what they are doing to further protect your childís privacy.

Services that a= re determined to be targeted at children will still receive advertisements from our third-party operators, and promotions from Cavgrou= p Austy using its internal systems. In this case = the ads and promotions will not be targeted at specifically for users, but will= be broadcast to all users of the service.

If you are a pa= rent of a child under 13 years of age and you believe your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us using the information below an= d we will delete the information from our systems.

Disclosure of Personal information

The scenarios in which we will share your personal data are as follows:

Under no other circumstances will Cavgroup Austy Pty Ltd share, sell, rent, or release your data.

You may contact= Cavgroup Austy to request access, change, update or delete your personal information at any time via email: p;A small fee may be imposed for access and disclosure of your personal information, where permitted under applicable law.




We follow gener= ally accepted industry standards and internal procedures to protect personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive i= t.

Third-party Operators=

  1. Advertising Networks: Cavgroup Austy allows advertisements from the Third= Party ad networks to be displayed in our services. Cavg= roup Austy makes commercially reasonable effort= s to ensure that the third party ad networks are configured to comply with applicable privacy laws, and we reasonably believe this to be the case= for each of them. If we determine a service to be directed at children und= er the age of 13, we configure each of these ad networks to be compliant = with the Childrenís Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). For pers= ons in European Union countries, we also configure networks to respect use= rís choice to opt-out of behavioural advertising to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 (GDPR).=
  2. In-App Purchases: In order to make an in-a= pp purchases, a user must use a third party checkout options that we have integrated with our services to finalize and pay for their order. The third party operatorís privacy policy and security practices will appl= y to this process a userís information. We encourage you to read that priva= cy statement before providing your information.
  3. Social Networks: Some of our services integrate a third-party social network such as Facebook or Twitter to allow sharing progress with friends, or allowing them to be invited to= use our service. The privacy policy of each social network will indicate w= hat data is available to us and how we use it.
  4. Game Services: Many of our services integr= ate either Apple Game Center, Google Play Game Services, or Amazon Game Circle. Each of these third-party operators o= ffer their own privacy policy (listed below), and we encourage you to review them.